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A New Era is here and with it, so many possibilities.
Feel better, physically in your body.
Catch your full breath and figure out how to go on sustainably. Be seen and supported - maybe in a new project?

You don't have to do it alone.
  i, my name is Olga Chwa and I’ve been a holistic bodyworker for decades: yoga teacher, dancer, massage therapist and an anatomy geek.
Before the Pandemic, I was a full time, self-employed somatic mechanic. Now, I serve online and by telephone, with an offer from therapeutic musculoskeletal support to holistic business coaching and copywriting services grounded in yoga nidra and bodywork principals.



I help people feel better, physically and beyond with custom movement cues, bodywork practices, soothing sounds, a dash of poetry and the guided technique of yoga nidra which, put together, produces amazing results.


Responsive to the moment and individually crafted for each client or group - like proper bodywork - these sessions can create lasting change. Here's what clients say:

Each session - whether for musculoskeletal support or for business coaching - begins with a discovery of individual concerns, followed by co-creating a personal experience to address real needs while empowering you to succeed. 


Let's have a conversation, what are you looking for? What do you wish for yourself?

How do you wish to feel?


Together, we can transform your Earthly experience - I'm here to make you shine.

Racism manifests in the body; all bodies of all races. I stand in solidarity with those calling for justice and freedom and hold myself accountable to work boldly for our collective liberation.​ #blacklivesmatter I commit to engage in anti-racist bodywork, aiming to eradicate white body supremacy on all levels, from internal to social to systemic. Read more

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based in Cleveland, OH
On ancestral land of Erie & Mississauga People.

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