Be Guided into   

    Inner Magic

The time is now:
hether you wish to feel better, physically in your body or to find your way to the light within that guides your entrepreneurship, your marketing message and how you move through this world.

You're at the right place:
I'm here to help you embody your best life.

  i, my name is Olga Chwa and I’ve been a holistic bodyworker for decades: dancer, massage therapist, yoga teacher and an anatomy geek.
Pre-pan, I was a self-employed hands-on somatic mechanic. And before that, I worked in publishing and marketing. Now, I serve online and by telephone, with transformative, therapeutic musculoskeletal support as well as holistic business coaching and copywriting grounded in yoga nidra bodywork.



I help people feel better, physically and beyond with custom movement cues, bodywork practices, soothing sounds, a dash of poetry and the guided technique of yoga nidra which, put together, produces amazing results.

I also guide folks building their service-oriented brands and business along this highly individual path by helping them stay anchored in the wisdom of their bodies.


Responsive to the moment and individually crafted for each client or group - like proper bodywork - these sessions create lasting change and make dreams come true. Here's what clients say:

Each session - whether for musculoskeletal support or for business coaching - begins with a discovery of individual concerns, followed by co-creating a personal experience to address real needs while empowering you to succeed. 


Let's have a conversation, what are you looking for? What do you wish for yourself?

How do you wish to feel?


Together, we can transform your Earthly experience - I'm here to help you shine.


Racism manifests in the body; all bodies of all races. I stand in solidarity with those calling for justice and freedom and hold myself accountable to work boldly for our collective liberation.​ #blacklivesmatter I commit to engage in anti-racist bodywork, aiming to eradicate white body supremacy on all levels, from internal to social to systemic. Read more