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What's Next?

What is your next step?


It can be challenging to focus on and articulate personal goals.

Yet in business and in life, vision and intention inform our every move.

I help holistic practitioners get clear on their needs and figure out their next step - whether it is creating a website or taking a professional licensure exam. 


Olga Chwa, LMT ECYT
Bodyworker, Educator

Showing up and stepping up can been terrifying.

Many folks struggle to find words to best describe themselves.

Or build the confidence to up-level their credentials.

Focused on helping others, it can be challenging to prioritize self-care.

Hi, my name is Olga. 

I guide bodywork professionals, therapists and caregivers in movement of body and mind, so they can articulate and step into their vision with the best results.

I help with:

• launching or updating a personal-brand website

• passing the state medical boards exams for massage therapy

• self-care for caregivers and therapists with mature and tired bodies. 

I understand the human body anatomically and energetically, and I bring decades of clinical and classroom experience to help you make the best decisions that move you towards your goals - physical, mental, and spiritual.

I teach in a live, interactive way, bringing techniques ranging from movement to meditation. Self-discovery prompts get us to the root of the matter. From there, we create a plan with tailored action steps that meet your needs.

Anatomy-informed, client-centered, and trauma-sensitive, these invitational practices are appropriate and modifiable for all body types, situations, and levels of experience  - and have the potential to change lives.

I'd love to chat with you - book a free consultation to learn how you can get unstuck, gain clarity, and find success.

Clients say:

"Olga is the best tutor I have ever had! Her spirit and energy is so beautiful, she helped me in so many ways when preparing for my exam, she went above and beyond. I will never forget how far I came since you helped me. Thank you again"

- Joanne A., Exam Candidate

Are you dealing with ...

• Uncertainty of your next steps

• Writing your 'about me' page

• Setting meaningful goals

• Feeling lost in study

• Exam anxiety

• Medical jargon overwhelm

• A weary body

Jaw and face tension

• Digestive upset

and ready to find some help?


Olga Chwa has been a performance artist and multidimensional bodyworker her whole life: dancer, licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and nidrista, anatomy geek and otherworldly somatic mechanic. 

A decade of clinical practice in massage therapy paired with earlier work as a writer, editor and corporate marketer guide Olga's practice in helping people in stressful situations ranging from getting ready for a surgery to launching a website - gain the somatic tools they need to succeed.

Olga Chwa looking to the side, wearing a white cardigan with grey scarf over a black top standing in front of a building in Florence, Italy

Range of services:

- clarity sessions and guided visioning work

- writing support for the 'about me' page

- exam preparation tutoring for the MBLEx and NCBTMB

- specialized workshops for jaw pain, eye fatigue and travel belly

- ongoing open classes in self-care with stretching, breathwork and nidra

Let's talk.

I might be able to help.
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