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Yoga Nidra

Medicine for Transformation

    oga Nidra, Sacred Dreaming, or Yogic Sleep is the meditative experience of conscious awareness while in a sleep-like state. A systematic and proven method to change brainwave activity, the practice can create a natural altered state experience that yields a sense of regeneration and deep relaxation.

Yoga Nidra really is a quick and effective stress-reducing strategy that hits the reset button on the nervous system; Olga Chwa has been teaching this special form of consciousness modulation for over twenty years and is honored to bring it to more people, as this is true peace work.


Yoga Nidra is just one tool used in telemassage - albeit a favorite as the practice can be adapted and customized for endless variables while consistently yielding its natural calming and sustainable personal care results. 

Below are examples of a few thematic Yoga Nidra practices, delivered to a live online audience, now yours to enjoy forever.


Receive an original custom practice recording especially made with words and phrases that are meaningful to you when you book your session with Olga Chwa.


Has Yoga Nidra helped you? Are you moved to leave a donation for Olga Chwa's community work? Your generosity is appreciated. 

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