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Workplace Wellness

Movement and Mindfulness for Group Productivity

Live, interactive online movement and mindfulness classes for desk workers, modified for all body types and office environments - perfect for remote teams.

• Improve posture and joint health

• Support ergonomics

• Enhance alertness and focus

... in as little as fifteen minutes.  Let's talk!

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itting at a computer all day stiffens the body and diminishes energy levels – and good bosses know this affects overall results. 

However, getting to the gym during the workday is tricky. Motivation is hard to find and stretching in an office setting can be awkward – unless everyone else is doing it too.

Now, team-bonding and productivity-breaks can blend into one and happen in as few as 15 minutes – moving through a full-body stretch sequence to enliven and focus your workforce... all on the screens already at everyone's fingertips.

Olga Chwa brings over 20 years of yoga teaching experience, modified for a range of bodies, to these quick, fun, all-invitational movement classes with options for sitting in a chair or standing up and with participant videos off or on, whichever feels right.

Participants report feeling refreshed and able to focus better on return to work tasks.

Let's have a conversation and set up a sample session for your team!


Partiticapnts say:


"I feel refreshed, more attentive when I get back to the screen. I feel I've accomplished one of my goals, which is to move by body more during the work day."

– Accounts Manager, Simple Solutions

"I always feel SO much better after the session. My body feels energized and my mind feels refreshed. I truly believe this 15 minute class is extremely worthwhile."

– Junior Editor, Simple Solutions

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