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Chwa Marketing: Yoga Nidra for your Business

  ervice-orientated women need marketing that helps us shine.

Here’s the problem: it can be overwhelming to launch as a self-employed service provider and truly function as the counselor, therapist, or coach you are, when you don’t know how to attract clients. 


The job of “self-promotion,” or “selling yourself” can feel inauthentic, awkward or even scary and women in particular tend to shy away from this work, push it off till later, or avoid it all together.


And yet, figuring out what to say on your website is essential to sharing your message and being taken seriously as the professional you are. You’d also like it to be inviting and inspire confidence. So why is it, that crafting that marketing copy can feel like hiking through a foreign jungle, barefoot?


  • Professional programs train in techniques and therapeutics but rarely go into any detail about marketing or selling the services they teach. Good copy-writing relies on specific skills and strategies – outsourcing branding work can demand a corporate-sized budget.

  • Providers often understand their work so intimately, that they speak and write about it in ways that can be confusing, overwhelming or too technical for the average listener or reader. Sometimes, they don’t even know where to start.

  • Care-takers tend to be focused outside of themselves, making it that much more difficult to speak authentically about who they are and what they actually do in the world and for the world.

What would it be like, to have such clarity, that the words would just come easily?


IMG_8471 2.jpg

Olga Chwa, holistic marketer

I created the Witch Wise Marketing System to solve this stress and these problems by providing a step-by-step process that:

1. Generates powerful and heartfelt marketing copy - stuff that gives you goosebumps!


2. Up-levels confidence by bringing sharp clarity to four key areas of a service-based business: vision, clients, offer and sales.

3. Makes it all happen while you rest. Seriously. This system is based in the hypnotic, meditative practice of yoga nidra, done in a comfortable position, preferably lying down and eyes closed, so that your marketing is more than painless - it is an actual healing.


Whether you hope to transition out of the corporate structure, create supplemental income, or are answering a call that has already taken you from one training to another - you are ready to monetize, you are ready to serve. And you need a website with some attractive and authentic language to serve you like a glossy brochure or maybe you are ready for a storefront.


I developed Witch Wise out of my own business successes in the last 15+ years, first as a freelance translator and evolving into a full-time massage therapist and yoga instructor in private practice. In the years along the way, I juggled my entrepreneurship with day-jobs as managing editor of a newspaper, marketing coordinator at a major music label and marketing director of a yoga studio.


Now I am uniquely qualified to help women launch their service-based businesses as I harness the power of yoga nidra to move past the inner critics and writers’ blocks to explore marketing, branding and business challenges in a deeply intuitive inner-space, at the source of authenticity and creativity itself.  


Together, we will find the right words “About You” and bring them to life on a website you are proud of, turning the task of promoting your work effortless.

Let’s book a phone call to discover if we might be a good match. Click below to pick something right in my calendar or send me an email if you prefer.

What is in this program?


Four Deep Dives, into the elements:

Discover the who, what, why and where of your business by exploring your passion, clients, offer and sales strategy inside of four session based in yoga nidra meditations, engineered for these marketing and branding questions.

Accessing this key business information using the hypnotic properties of yoga nidra allows us to bypass the overly rational mind and jump over internal blocks to reach an authentic voice rooted in intuition and creativity.

If you're interested in these four yoga nidras and their corresponding worksheets, please preregister for the download bundle by sending me an email.

Ongoing Support, across the elements:

This process is non-linear: with clarity from session three or four, you might need to swim back around to session two or one. I'm here for the journey, right along with you.

Ongoing support is available to keep answering your core questions and creating the perfect language around what you are bringing to life.


I've been on this path many years, personally, at the corporate level, in small business as well as in my role as a holistic coach for others. I help women shine!

It's my honor to guide you along the trails I already know.


The Words and the Writing

Whether you are using the self-service templates or have invested in full-service coaching, this step is witchy magic. Each piece from the worksheets puzzle-pieces into place with the others to create something sparkly and with pizazz.

After your four deep dives, you have rich, raw materials to create a mix of marketing copy. Thanks to Olga's mad-lib-like techniques and templates, you'll retrieve specific elements to effortlessly create website homepages, events invitations, sales pages, marketing webinars and more.

Olga is available to support you, anywhere along this journey - as your co-writer, your editor, or simply a muse.

And Your Website!

Yes, you do need it, whether you want to deal with the techie-tech by yourself or not, you need to oversee the project and know what you want.

It is time to bring in the fifth element: ether - space - or, your homepage up on the internet.

Olga is here, as a guide and consultant as well as a designer and site-cobbler. Full service packages that include your custom website are available; DIY templates, tips and checklists coming soon.


Please reach out if you're burning with a question.


Clients say...

Stacey Pickering,


Holistic Wellness Practitioner



it feels like running your own business is too much

to manage on your own, that's because


"Before working with Olga, I struggled to find clarity about, and confidence implementing the next practical steps for bringing my work into the world. 

With Olga's help, I saw that I really do know my path and how to move forward. It just takes some guidance through all of the mental clutter to tune into my inner knowing.


I am more organized and able to stay on task. Olga has provided me with multiple resources, including written notes and audio recordings of our sessions, that I refer to for direction when I feel lost or overwhelmed. 


I co-created a very well attended & fulfilling online Winter Solstice event with a fellow practitioner, wherein we offered ceremony, Earth connection, and a sound bath meditation.


In one of the business nidra session with Olga, my inner guidance showed me the added power of collaborating on projects with other practitioners whose work compliments mine.


I have gained the courage and skills to host online webinars, solo and collaboratively, and therefore to reach a far greater audience than ever before. 

When it feels like running your own business is too much to manage on your own, that's because IT IS!


Receiving help from someone who helps you tune in to your inner guidance, and then offers practical steps for moving forward, is priceless."