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Business work
is bodywork

Your calling is alive in you. You know it in your gut.

Find strategy + messaging with a unique, holistic business coaching system based in body awareness.

Olga Chwa headshot, wearing a green v-neck shirt and loop earrings

Olga Chwa, LMT ERYT
Holistic Business Coach


Being self-employed as a therapist or caregiver can be scary and unpredictable. Add chronic pain, illness or injury and everything gets more complicated. 

But doable - with the right support.


I help independent practitioners feel better: in their bodies and in their businesses through personalized bodywork and mindfulness sessions coupled with action-based steps.

From your deeper breath to your new website!

• Find grounding and anchor into your inner wisdom

• Develop a language with your body and subconsciousness


• Alter brainwaves in minutes and gain pivot-level insights

Participants say:

"Receiving help from a business coach who helps you tune in to your inner guidance, and then offers practical steps for moving forward, is priceless." 

- Stacey Pickering, Holistic Wellness Practitioner


Hi! My name is Olga Chwa and I’ve been a performance artist and multidimensional bodyworker for decades: dancer, licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, multi-decade nidrista, anatomy geek and otherworldly somatic mechanic. 

I call on my years of international work experience - earlier as a writer, editor and corporate marketer followed by a full time clinical practice in massage therapy. Now, I bring bodywork to business work, somatics into semantics to help professionals globally.

These embodied teachings are the basis of my holistic business coaching system for independent practitioners which goes beyond the somatic mechanics and into graphics, design, social media and so much more.

Let's have a conversation and discover how we might help one another.
Olga Chwa looking to the side, wearing a white cardigan with grey scarf over a black top standing in front of a building in Florence, Italy

"Olga is a deep listener. She helps me connect my work as my sacred passion.

My outreach has more than doubled since my website landing page went live.

If creating a website for your services could be easy, why not invest in yourself and hire a capable woman with the heart and integrity to help you make it happen. That's why I called on Olga's expertise."

- Donna, Natural Dreamwork Practitioner


The four elements represented in collages of found objects including feathers, amber, lace doilies and tulle.
Olga Chwa's Witch-Wise 5-Element System sweetly guides you in a series of precisely designed, business-focused yoga nidra processes alongside copywriting support to:
• understand the problem you solve
• define your ideal client
• get clarity about your value
• set up your offer 
• launch (or re-launch) your website
Every session begins with listening to what is emerging in the moment. Together, we co-create a tailored experience addressing real-time needs and setting reachable, empowering goals. We follow templates where we can and respond in structured improv elsewhere – making it happen in a way that feels good in your body. 
I’ve been running solo-businesses for over 18 years, first as a translator, freelance writer and yoga instructor and later as independent clinical massage therapist. I’ve witnessed how often a hurting body can stop creativity from flowing or keep an entrepreneur from fulfilling a vision.

I know how bodies shake and freeze making it hard to even talk about business, especially when things are new and just unfolding. And also, how worth it it all is for the good feelings of success. 

Let’s have a conversation - what are you looking for? How do you wish to feel?

Click below to connect with me and book your free consultation if you're a talker or click around the site to read more. Please attend any of my public events, check out my guides in the shop, sign up for my newsletter and get to know me better.

I'm eager to see you transform your Earthly experience and see you shine.

Racism manifests in the body; all bodies of all races. I stand in solidarity with those calling for justice and freedom and hold myself accountable to work boldly for our collective liberation. #blacklivesmatter I commit to engage in anti-racist bodywork, aiming to eradicate white body supremacy on all levels, from internal to social to systemic. Read more

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