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Which Way?   Witch Wise Workshop

Presenting Olga Chwa's Guide to Get Unstuck


  o you get stuck? Have a business, side-hustle or projects that you want to take action on but don’t know where to begin? Or feel like the path is blocked? Blurry at best?


I’ve been there! A bunch. Now, I am leading my first Marketing Strategy 101 small group on Saturday March 6 at 1pm EST.

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Since the pandemic began, I’ve had to pivot my hands-on business to an on-line offering. In the process, I found myself helping others do it, too, but with a twist.


I merged my two passions:

yoga nidra guided meditation + holistic, relational marketing


... Ka-boom! 

A powerful elixir emerged.

Folx began to reach out, ask for my help and I understood how effective my new method was. 

Until now, I’ve only offered these yoga-for-marketing sessions privately, by telephone.

This March, I’m opening the zoom room for a group experience, to offer the system while also benefiting from the support of a circle because we all get stuck. 

When the path feels blocked, nothing happens.

Navigating the entrepreneurial self-starter maze can be confusing and nerve wrecking.

If you feel stuck or utterly lost in your business mission, this is for you. 

If you are exhausted by marketing and get anxious just thinking about promoting yourself, this is especially for you. 

Do you have a business or side-hustle that you want to move forward with but have no idea which way next? Or maybe you’ve tried some things other marketers’ promote but they haven’t worked for you, leaving you even more confused and frustrated?

At the very least, you will leave this workshop feeling some clarity and grounding. 

Plus, you can expect to learn:

  • How to connect with your heart’s mission 

  • ...and make it into your personal promotion map, to access as needed

  • Where your best ideas come from

  • …. and how to choose the right ones

  • How to share about your work

  • … and get the support you need

There will be space to share where you are in your own process, experience a Chwa Marketing Business Wisdom Yoga Nidra, which is a systematic, guided method to help alter your state of awareness and give you access to your subconscious, intuitive knowing.

As a professional bodyworker, I believe the answers are in the body - but most of us need a guide to access them.

Wait no longer.


With a background in publishing and marketing, this Polish Witch now brings decades of experience in guiding yogic meditation techniques into the world of holistic business coaching.


Whether you are starting, running or pivoting a business - or maybe launching a new passion project, I am here for you.

A few folx are already signed up and we’ll keep it 6-10, so that we can interact and share comfortably. 


Will you join us?

Are you ready to receive custom, focused care for your marketing message or other holistic business needs? Let's set something up! Click for Olga Chwa's calendar and chose your best time.

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