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What happens for folks, in session with Olga Chwa?

   he first dozen telemassage clients brought needs for headaches, eye fatigue, jaw clenching, neck-shoulder-arm pain, hand arthritis, congested lungs, chronic heart conditions, digestive upset, low back tension, tight hips, achy knees and sore feet! Plus sleep troubles, broken-heartedness, rage, feeling ungrounded and just indescribably anxious-icky. 

Within the hour, they felt transformed. They understood their experience better and felt more comfortable in their bodies.


"Olga relieved a lot of anxiety I was feeling during the Corona lockdown. Pandemic stress affected my breathing, shortening it, creating tightness and I felt muscle tension in my limbs. Even remotely, Olga's guided stretches and exercises helped ease my legs. She was compassionate and attentive, personalizing the session to my specific needs. Olga’s calming Yoga Nidra guided me into a state of blissful relaxation, reminding me how to unwind. By the end of the call, my breathing was restored, and my body renewed. I drifted off to a restful night of deep sleep."

Cassie, Content Creator, Israel

As a healthcare provider working in the hospital and clinical settings during the COVID19 pandemic, I have been experiencing some of the most profound stress and anxiety of my career. Olga led me through a session at the point when I was experiencing chaos. I was feeling my nerves fray and long-term body aches increasing with the sudden absence of my usual self care strategies, which centered on massage therapy, physical therapy and attending classes at my local gym and yoga studio. Thank goodness for my session with Olga! For a little over an hour I felt safe and truly taken care of. Beyond my expectations, she guided me through exercises to address my lower back and sacral pain. Like the saying, “teach a man how to fish,” promises, I now feel more capable to ease my back pain with these independent exercises and specific stretches. After her session not only did I feel better physically, but I was also in a better mental space to continue to care for the folks and families I serve."

Martina, Midwife, California

Before sheltering-in-place, I met with Olga at regular intervals for bodywork. Olga would inquire about my body, about my needs. I entered a sanctuary. At the end of a session I’d sit up on the table. A sense of being recalibrated - in body and spirit.

Then, COVID19 hit. What I’m I going to do?

I met with Olga for my first telemassage. How’s this going to work, I wondered. We’ve now met for seven phone sessions. Every time, I hang up I feel renewed, re-calibrated, cared-for, and recharged.

How can I put it into words? By intentionally narrowing the sensory input to our voice connection, it feels like the field between us has widened. Olga listens one who is safe-cracking a vault. She’s listening to the “combination” (if you will) for my body/spirit/heart.

I articulate as best as possible what I’m aware of that I need. And Olga weaves together a prescription — it is always different. Always fits the moment I’m in. It appears to be simply a conversation. But it feels more like a call and response chant of the soul. It’s soulful work now. The bodywork felt soulful too, but there are layers being tended to now that are new. As our session closes now, Olga, weaves this prescription,  a Yoga Nidra specifically for me with my imagery and needs in mind. Oftentimes, poetry is a key ingredient. It is improvisational, deep, and heart-centered work that I receive.”

Donna, Natural Dreamwork Practitioner, Ohio

As a pre-virus [pre-quarantine] client of Olga I have found her new modality, telemassage, supportive, calming and restorative to my whole being all the while a deeper healing emerges from this practice. As I am individually supported and guided to deeper levels of body awareness and healing that merge to create ease, calm and well being.

Highly recommend her new practice.”

Susan, Retired, Ohio

"Olga has done bodywork for me for the past five or so years and she is fantastic, so I knew she could help me after having my baby in May. I was overtired, anxious, and recovering from birth, and unable to get out to get a massage or yoga class.


Olga guided me through a yoga nidra via phone and brought such deep relaxation. She even recorded it for me. I listened to it three times a day sometimes. My sleep improved immensely. Her yoga nidra class was an integral part of my postpartum recovery."

Erin, New Mom, Ohio

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