Audio bodywork by Olga Chwa


eeds add up and no one can take care of everything well, alone. 

Audio bodywork sessions provide relief for musculoskeletal complaints including the face and jaw. Custom yoga nidra can create lasting change while offering spiritual support and paired with the right structures, the work can also become life coaching. What do you need?

The prices below are values. Everything begins in your free consultation and please know that there are always creative solutions for creative women: payments in installments, along with trade and barter ideas are all welcome in our conversations. I'm here to help.

Full Service

Packages of one-on-one audio bodywork sessions including goal setting and accountability.

Custom Yoga Nidra recordings


Ongoing access to support

Starting at $432

A La Carte

Pick & Choose

Hire me by the need

or by the hour.


Starting at $54



starting at $1.99

(in the shop)

         Full Service Packages


4 sessions - $432

12 sessions - $1111

On-going:  $97/month in year-long commitment for monthly sessions

                      A La Carte

Singles sessions, by telephone or video call. 

One custom yoga nidra session, under 30 min.


Full telemassage session (at least two practices + custom yoga nidra, recorded and emailed) 




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