Audio Bodywork

Anatomy of a Session

   he first ingredient in a remote massage, a telemassage, is listening.


The eyes can close, but the ears are always open, which is a wonderful place to begin. This listening is two-fold. Olga gently guides the recipient to listen to various aspects of their own body, in new and transformative ways - but also, Olga's training as a massage therapist tunes her listening into the field, to the body she's working with, and anything the recipient is willing to share. 



After an initial settling, we have a check in: a few minutes to establish clear needs and to make a plan together. 

What happens next depends on needs. If they are clearly musculoskeletal, expect a bit of movement: guided stretching, yoga poses, Feldenkreis technique, Modern Dance, Pilates, self-massage, Ayurvedic pressure points, or something like long distance energy healing … Olga’s been in somatic education for decades - tell her what needs attention and she’s likely to have an idea about how to address it.


But sometimes, there’s no clear call from a physical body part - then what?


Well, another toolbox opens up - with skills to engage the subtle body in conversation! Techniques like finding one's Internal GPS or the guided practice of “focusing” open the real gates to the complex and exquisite world within.


And still, there is more: breathing practices, meditation, yoga nidra, Ayurvedic wisdom, oracle cards, chakra awareness, singing bowls and a stack of poetry books round out the experience to reach the many dimensions of being. But don't worry - most sessions reach for just three or four of these tools and aim to go slow and dive deep.

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One of the most popular tools and a crowd pleaser is the guided relaxation practice, an invitational practice of therapeutic self-hypnosis, called Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. This technique is clearly structured but also malleable to be tailored into the exact words and needs most helpful to the client. Offered in each session, it is recorded and emailed so recipients have unlimited access to it. 


If sleep is of concern, a "version for sleep" can be provided.

What are you waiting for? 

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Telemassage emerged out of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, when massage therapy practices around the world, along with countless other personal care professions, were shuttered to help slow community spread of the novel respiratory virus.


Olga Chwa's creative nature and commitment to prevention yielded a new flexibility in rendering services. Her massage therapy practice pivoted to offer bodywork by telephone.




Racism is a complex, systemic pathology traumatizing some bodies for the benefit of others. Each of us, responsible for our own body is also responsible for the power dynamics we agree to, perpetuate and propagate. 


Conscious bodywork can help people of all races face their pain, discomfort and difficult feelings, including the feelings of collusion in white body supremacy, in a context of healing.