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Queer Nidra

Dreaming into the Nonbinary Future



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       ueer Nidra?

Come out - and go in.

Our world is in an intense state of flux.


As queer people, we have always been called to redefine love and uplift diversity.


Old structures are crumbling and our ability to identify ourselves in spaces between definitions is also our super-power to redesign life as we know it.


We may be vulnerable and survival-based at times, but we also hear the call to show up for justice - with our gifts and special capacities of imagination.


Whatever the beautiful mix of you is today, this practice welcomes and empowers to leverage queer consciousness for self-healing and global restoration.

Queer Nidra is a drop-in, by donation yoga nidra zoom class taught by Olga Chwa, healing artist and Polish witch, who is finding her path through by decolonializing traditional yoga and massage therapy as reclaiming these modalities as sacred technology for queer liberation and freedom for all life.


Yoga Nidra is done resting - in your most comfortable way, often lying down. You don’t need a mat or uniform - certainly no special body - this is a practice of consciousness; there’s no way to do it wrong.


Show up, get comfortable, close your eyes and allow yourself to be guided. That’s it. Camera off (or on, if you choose, but why that fatigue?) Plan to close your eyes and settle in your spot: floor, mat, bed or couch. Sit in a chair if that's more your jam. Bring along blankets and pillows.


I’ll be zooming from my teaching space to offer you this fast and deep flow retreat. Within 30 minutes, you will reset your nervous system, connect with your whole self, and spend a moment feeling the future that you are calling in.


What is the world you re/imagine?

How can we build back better?


I heard something about Queer Yamas and Niyamas?

I would like to make a donation...

Suggestion: $10 - $20
ApplePay (text 216-534-5467)
Venmo (@olgachwa)

Paypal (

I am grateful for your support - this peacework is my livelihood.


Find more queer-centered gender-inclusive, body-positive online wellness events and join the community on facebook. 

Find me on Youtube...

Yoga Nidra


The best way to learn about this technique is to experience it. Carefully designed to naturally alter brainwaves, yoga nidra guides the practitioner to connect with themselves and with various internal parts including intuition and creativity.

There are many ways to practice this method, and even more benefits. Olga Chwa has been teaching yoga nidra since 1999, having received training in traditional yoga, she now continues to study with teachers who offer feminist and indigenous perspectives, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Yoli Maya Yeh.




Racism is a complex, systemic pathology traumatizing some bodies for the benefit of others. Each of us, responsible for our own body is also responsible for the power dynamics we agree to, perpetuate and propagate. 


Conscious bodywork can help people of all races face their pain, discomfort and difficult feelings, including the feelings of collusion in white body supremacy, in a context of healing.

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