The deeply feminine approach to health - and women's health in particular - is nothing like Western medicine. Organic and intuitive, rooted in listening and holding all that emerges in the vastness of love, even the paradoxiacal truths and contradictory feelings.


Olga Chwa trusts the deep wisdom of the body and can help you connected with that, within your body, which needs your attention. Is it a physical pain? Maybe related to the abdomen? Possibily digestion? Or more to do with uterus, menstruation or sensual pleasure? Or perhaps something nonphysical - just a frustration, an undescript undesired feeling. Does it interefere with your quality of life? Affect any of your choices?


How do you feel, just considering recieving this kind of attention and care? Let your eyes on these words be an affirmation that you deserve this level of healing and your body is ready to speak with you, with the help of  this skilled mediator.

Women's Wellness Consult