Thank you for your generosity.


Your gift to my livelihood means so much to me. Your tips and bonuses are what allows me to run free programs, keep my rate accessible, sliding scale, and always with creative solutions for creative women. 


Like this tip and gift "product," a creative solution, to receive gratuity within the confines of this ecommerce. I only listed a few of my favorite numbers since this platform doesn't offer a donation hat option. But if there is another number in your heart, please purchase several small ones, and mix and match to get to the perfect price.  

I'm grateful and honored to receive - and pay taxes on - these, your expressions of appreciation, value and trust. 

Tips & Gifts

  • As this transfer takes place, know that the energies move in multiple directions and in your generosity, you are also gifting yourself with cosmic riches and a world of wonder. Thank you.