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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Human bodies are complicated; I help them feel better. 

Hi, my name is Olga Chwa. I’m a holistic bodyworker who provides tailored, personal care for musculoskeletal issues as well as more the subtle aspects of embodied life - in a 100% pandemic-safe way: by telephone.

Here's the problem: people struggle in their bodies, whether it is chronic pain or a health condition, recent injuries or something less physical like feelings in response to these difficult times, the body is alive everyday and sends its signals of distress. 

These days, many people struggle and don’t have access to the personal care tools and resources they would have sought out before, like massage therapy or a yoga class. 

- Massage is currently considered high risk by national health organizations;

- In-person group yoga or other wellness classes are fraught with social distancing and hygiene worries;

- Plus, even if delivered online, there is always some uncertainty whether a teacher is able to safely tailor the practice to your particular needs and limitations.

I solve these problem by providing a service that:

+ Maintains tailored, custom care for each client;

+ Addresses physical issues and goes beyond to emotions and spirit;

+ Empowers clients with tools to help them access relief daily, on their own.

My clients are people who know the value of working with a bodywork professional to live more comfortable lives, especially when dealing with an ongoing concern like chronic pain, or a new situation, like an injury or a surgery. 

I have been working in somatic wellness and health education for over 25 years: yoga instructor, workshop facilitator, teacher trainer, massage therapist, energy worker, trained dancer and more. I know how important embodiment is to good health and a good life experience -- and I know how many people struggle. 

Over the years, my own injuries and physical health have relied on the help of skilled bodyworkers, so I understand the importance of a personal care team. Thanks to my focus on empowering clients multi-dimensionally, the opportunity to now deliver this work by telephone or if you prefer, by video, feels like a natural evolution whch I am uniquely qualified to offer. 

If you are ready to feel better in your body and in your life, I invite you to work with me. Set up your exploratory session today.

Olga sits in her studio, hands together at the heart in a gesture of greeting and thanks.
Olga Chwa in Gratitude

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