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Running a Healthier Business

This pandemic has changed us: our work habits, our business models - our very idea of what success looks and feels like.

Ever-evolving and re-inventing, I am emerging from a few months of quiet with the bang of a crowdfunding campaign.

It took me a moment to understand why this is the right next step for my Olga Chwa offerings, but once I did, I focused on my vision, honed in on my unique problem-solving gifts and got to work.

In reward, the process of organizing this campaign has brought me unprecedented clarity.

Over the last 16 or so months, I have developed a special business coaching method, based in body-awareness and yoga nidra guided meditation. With it, I have been helping independent practitioners create work, and lives, that actually feel good.

Now, I'm excited to share my work with a wider audience, as well as to gain additional support from folks who already know me thanks to the marketing and fundraising powers of a crowdfunding campaign.

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For the next six weeks (at least) I'm raising funds to keep developing my business as well as offer scholarships to some of the really talented folks, predominantly practitioners of the healing arts, who are attracted to my method and are seeking out the help.

As incentive, I am offering some fun rewards, like a dance party at the culmination of the campaign. I hope everyone can participate in this – even if you don't join the zoom, you'll still get the playlist. But most of these rewards showcase the type of work I now offer: basic business clarity and guidance, messaging and logistics for online events, as well as the full suite: visioning, writing and web design for those who are ready to launch (or re-launch) their online presence.

I am especially pleased to offer a short custom online group-class – just bring your crew! Perfect for a corporate or non-profit system that has remote workers and yet wishes to do something healthy and retreat-like. With tools like Zoom or Teams we can bring a bit of mindfulness and bodywork to your business.

Plus, rest assured, your contributions, big and small, as investments in yourself or as gifts for loved ones (or maybe strangers), make the world a better place, as more healing practitioners reach their audiences.

Please find the campaign here:

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