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Personal Care

Body Wisdom Wellness

Holistic musculoskeletal help and sound spiritual support with actionable steps for real results.

From everyday wellness to events like surgery prep + recovery. All remotely.

Struggling with jaw tension or digestion issues? Work one-on-one to find relief, as taught in Olga Chwa's Jaw Love and Travel Belly guidebooks (shop) and live workshops

Responsive and designed for your needs, using bodywork tools to create a nourishing plan for navigating your mission. Learn more.

Participants say:

"For months, I looked forward to the day Olga would return to hands-on massage.

The day arrived and I have not made an appointment. Her new modality of co-creating a practice and yoga nidra [by telephone] have served my body so well that a massage is no longer a priority.


With Olga's wisdom and guidance I have gained so much awareness of how my body feels and what it needs that I can create ease and comfort. It has been a remarkable experience that has grown over time and created a space for me to feel truly embodied."

- Susan, retired    

  elf-care can get confusing.

There is plenty of advice, but a mind operating in fear or doubt can only accomplish so much. Especially in the face of new events like a surgery or diagnosis of a chronic condition.

When the pandemic began, I put my decades of hands-on experience into serving my bodywork clients and yoga students with safe and effective remote tools that create real, embodied results.

These days, my clients feel less pain and report being more relaxed and grounded.

They are empowered with self-care practices to get stronger between coaching sessions.

And they find themselves anchored in a new trust in their bodies.


   he first ingredient in a remote massage, a telemassage, is listening.

You don’t need to see me or yourself to feel better – you need to close your eyes!

Even when the eyes close, the ears stay open, which is a good place to start. The listening is two-fold. Olga gently guides the recipient to listen to various aspects of their own body, in new and transformative ways – but also, Olga's training as a massage therapist tunes her listening into the field, to the body she's working with, and anything the recipient is willing to share. 


Snapseed 9.jpg

After an initial settling, we check in to establish clear needs and make a plan together. 

What happens next depends on those needs. If they are clearly musculoskeletal, expect a bit of movement: guided stretching, yoga poses, Feldenkreis technique, Modern Dance, Pilates, self-massage, Ayurvedic pressure points, or some mix of physical modalities … Olga’s been in somatic education for decades – tell her what needs attention and she'll know how to reach it.


At times, there’s no clear call from a physical body part - then what?

Another toolbox opens with techniques to engage the subtle body in conversation, like finding one's internal GPS or the practice of “focusing,” which open the real gates to the complex and exquisite world within.


And still, there is more: breathing practices, meditation, yoga nidra, Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom, oracle cards, chakra awareness, singing bowls and a bit of poetry round out the experience to reach the many dimensions of being.


But don't worry about overload - the sessions balance just three or four of these tools and aim to go slow and dive deep. There is a whole inner world to explore.


One of the most popular tools and a crowd pleaser is the guided relaxation practice, an invitational practice of therapeutic self-hypnosis, called Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. This technique is clearly structured but also malleable to be tailored into the exact words and needs most helpful to the client. Offered in each session, it is recorded and emailed so recipients have unlimited access to it. 


If sleep is of concern, a "version for sleep" can be provided.

What are you waiting for? 

Let yourself be treated. Click below for Olga's Calendly scheduling site and set up your ideal time to feel better.


The Audio Bodywork modality of Telemassage emerged out of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, when massage therapy practices around the world, along with countless other personal care professions, were shuttered to help slow community spread of the novel respiratory virus.


Olga Chwa's creative nature and commitment to prevention yielded a new flexibility in rendering services. Her massage therapy practice pivoted to offer bodywork by telephone.

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