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Next Steps

For Your Holistic Practice

  he "Where do you get stuck?" survey is a great first step to get some clarity on what is keeping you from moving forward. If you have not yet taken this survey - click here:

Next, download your Witch-Wise Next Steps Biz Nidra - a 16-minute recorded audio practice with guidance to help you find your authentic next steps. 

And when you are ready, learn more about Olga Chwa's Witch-Wise Biz Nidra system and book your free consultation to get started



Understand who you are, who you serve and the value of your offering in this five-element deep-dive survey, based in yoga nidra consciousness – a transformational journey of its own. 


Use the wisdom harvested in the witch-wise journey to create powerful marketing copy for your website, social posts, invitations, emails and everyday conversations about your holistic service offering.


Put it all together and show up online with a simple, elegant website (a bit like this one) that you know how to update so you can build your practice sharing your gifts in your unique way.

"With Olga's help, I saw that I really do know my path and how to move forward. I am more organized and able to stay on task and Olga has provided me with multiple resources that I refer to for when I feel lost or overwhelmed."

- Stacey Pickering, Holistic Wellness Practitioner

IMG_8471 2.jpg

What would it be like, to have such clarity, that the words would just come easily?

Olga Chwa
holistic marketer, executive coach


In one of the business nidra session with Olga, my inner guidance showed me the added power of collaborating on projects with other practitioners whose work compliments mine.


I have gained the courage and skills to host online webinars, solo and collaboratively, and therefore to reach a far greater audience than ever before. 

When it feels like running your own business is too much to manage on your own, that's because IT IS!


Receiving help from someone who helps you tune in to your inner guidance, and then offers practical steps for moving forward, is priceless."


Stacey Pickering,


Holistic Wellness Practitioner

"Before working with Olga, I struggled to find clarity about, and confidence implementing the next practical steps for bringing my work into the world. 

With Olga's help, I saw that I really do know my path and how to move forward. It just takes some guidance through all of the mental clutter to tune into my inner knowing.


I am more organized and able to stay on task. Olga has provided me with multiple resources, including written notes and audio recordings of our sessions, that I refer to for direction when I feel lost or overwhelmed. 


I co-created a very well attended & fulfilling online Winter Solstice event with a fellow practitioner, wherein we offered ceremony, Earth connection, and a sound bath meditation.

Olga is the best!


I struggled with my self-image as a business person. Although I have more than 30 years of experience as an executive administrator, I never felt as though I fit in and I always felt like a square peg in a round hole. 


I felt stuck because I didn't have business wherewithal for what I am passionate about. I have a vision, skills, and expertise for spiritual endeavors and development but I didn't know how to make it into a business.

I now have a new website that reflects my spiritual gifts. I am more confident in my ability to create and offer a valuable service. I have expanded my vision and feel more confident.


Shirley Nelson
minister / poet / workshop facilitator 

Cleveland, Ohio

Olga has helped me keep building my site. She has coached me in visioning plans, processes, and goals for the future. She walks her talk and models what she teaches insofar as best practices for better business.

If you're an artist who struggles with the stereotypical approach to business affairs, there is nothing wrong with you. Try a different approach. 

Try Olga's Yoga Nidra. It is a relaxation exercise as well as a beautiful concept for planning and integrating your ideas so that you have greater clarity.

Olga is a deep listener. She has helped me connect my work as my sacred passion.


My outreach has more than doubled since my website landing page went live.


If creating a website for your services could be easy, why not invest in yourself and hire a capable woman with the heart and integrity to help you make it happen. That's why I called on Olga's expertise.

Donna Mazzola

Dream Practitioner

NE Ohio

I had a website that felt tired which I then began to consider as permanently 'under construction' and removed it from my tagline on email.

I got to see through Olga's unique way of drawing on my intuition, that I actually knew what I longed to create and have.

After a total makeover of my landing page, I was ignited again. I felt my fire and creativity return and a sense of possibility. 

Olga's unique approach using yoga nidra and the natural elements helped me articulate why I do what I love to do as a dreamworker.

Having a fresh way to articulate my gifts and services in the world has made a huge difference.


I felt disorganized and tired of not knowing what to do next, I was looking for someone to put the pieces together. Olga is the one!

I found that I had the answers in me and that I didn't have to "think" about them or dredge them up.

My organizational skills have improved immensely!

Layer by layer fear of trying is coming off. I have gotten clarity on the steps I need to take.

I am much easier on myself because I know I have help and I know I don't have to work so hard to "figure" things out. Olga was able to slip past so much resistance I had to doing the work I needed to do and I want others to know how unstuck you can get when you have great help!

Pam White

Kent, CT

life coach, spiritual guide

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