Result-driven preparation for the
Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination.

Do you feel ready for the MBLEx?

• Are you a good test taker?

• Do you feel confident about the science? 

• Have good study habits?

          If you waver on any of these questions - the solution could be exam tutoring. 

Better yet: as an experiential, embodied, live online classes with a licensed massage therapist and kinesthetic learner.

If you'd like to get clear on:

• what will be on the exam

• the best way to prepare

• what you need to focus on in the week - and DAY - before your test


• memorization tricks

• interactive anatomy lessons

• self-massage and relaxation as a study tools

Jump on a 20-min zoom call with Olga Chwa, LMT and learn exactly what’s on the test and how students can go from scores in the 50 percents into the 70s and beyond - so you can do what is best for your massage career.

Preparing for this step in your new role as a licensed massage therapist deserves the best - and if you need individualized support, you are in the right place. 

Olga passed the MBLEx as well as the NCBTMB in the last 13 years and has been tutoring exam candidates since 2021. She nerds out on mnemonics for anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and has found ways to incorporate self-massage instruction and focusing practices as a part of the tutoring sessions: we use our bodywork tools for test prep!

"It takes a special, humble person to be able to work with someone with learning disabilities and, at the same time, be able to teach them so that they can actually learn. Not everyone could do it. Olga Chwa is amazing. " 

- G.S., MBLEx Exam Applicant


Hi! My name is Olga Chwa and I’ve been a performance artist and multidimensional bodyworker for decades: dancer, licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, multi-decade nidrista, anatomy geek and otherworldly somatic mechanic. 
I call on my years of international work experience - earlier as a writer, editor and corporate marketer followed by full time massage therapist. Now, I bring bodywork to business work, somatics into semantics and serve helping professionals globally.
I offer ongoing zoom classes in therapeutic musculoskeletal self-care and consciousness training for caregivers and helping professionals. I'm also available for workplace wellness classes and individual, personal care work.
These teachings constitute the basis of my holistic business coaching system for independent practitioners which goes beyond the somatic mechanics and into graphics, design, social media and so much more.
Let's have a conversation and discover how we might help one another.


Olga Chwa, LMT ECYT
Educator & Coach

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Olga Chwa is not endorsed by, nor has any affiliation with the FSMTB, she is a private tutor.