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Jaw Care

Holistic Practices for the Joint of Digestion

aw and TMJ pain.

If you have it, you know.

• Surgical solutions can be scary, expensive and are not guaranteed;

• Mouth guards and other appliances are also costly, cumbersome and in some cases are a risk to making the condition worse;

• Pain medication only works so well and lasts so long, and besides, what are the side effects on the rest of the body?


As a bodywork professional, I have been surprised to find very little for the jaw in the holistic wellness industry. Exercise and yoga hardly address this joint complex and I had to really dig and travel out of state to find the advanced training for massage therapists to treat jaw pain by working inside of the mouth.

Meanwhile, people with this problem are everywhere and many of them don’t even know what sort of specialist to reach out to - dentist? Orthodontist? Doctor? 


Maybe a mental health provider? Jaw pain has a close relationship with stress and anxiety and can really impact life beyond the physical body.

Where to begin?



Introducing Olga Chwa’s Guide to Jaw Love, a friendly, all-bodies accessible self-care workbook loaded with natural solutions, simple practices, transformative prompts, and even a habit change tracking system. 

• It starts working as soon as you start doing any of the practices

• It addresses the physical but also goes beyond to emotions and spirit

• It's affordable (just compare it to a mouth guard) 

• It can be further supported with personal guidance and accountability

• It creates real changes that produce long term healing

• It empowers folks with tools to access daily relief, anywhere

If you are ready to tame your TMJ and love up your jaw, click here and purchase your copy of "Olga Chwa's Guide to Jaw Love." Or take a peek inside.


"For a while I was simply looking for a quick fix to my jaw tension. Jaw Love taught me to really learn about my jaw and how it fits in with the rest of my body, mind, and spirit. I am also learning to consider my jaw as needing and deserving on-going care rather than a quick fix. I'm still in the early days, but the practices and lessons in this book are already shifting the tensions and providing relief. I'm grateful for Olga's caring and extensively knowledgeable guidance."

Jennifer, Plant Enthusiast, Ohio


What is in this book?

Book Peek

• Part one dives deeply into experiential anatomy. What are the shapes, sensations and available ranges of motion in your unique body? 

Snapseed 14.jpg

• Part two offers a breadth of holistic practices, more reflection and  journaling prompts and unique ways of connecting with the jaw for a fresh perspective. 

Snapseed 15.jpg

• Part three puts it all together, helping you choose the best approaches for your body and then complete the 21-day accountability tracker to set new habits in place.

Snapseed 16.jpg

Start with Olga Chwa’s Guide to Jaw Love and, if you like, bolster your confidence with a personal jaw care program - schedule your exploratory phone or video-call with Olga.


I look forward to hearing from you and helping you feel better.


Effective practices and techniques to ease jaw and face tension.

Ease Your Jaw Class
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