Be guided into 
            inner magic

You wish to feel better, physically in your body and to move through the world with ease. Maybe you are a holistic practitioner and need help with structure, strategy and marketing so you can show up and shine your light.

The time is now.
mbody your best life.

  i, my name is Olga Chwa and I’ve been a holistic bodyworker for decades: dancer, massage therapist, yoga teacher and an anatomy geek.
Pre-pan, I was a full time self-employed hands-on somatic mechanic: clinical massage therapist and yoga instructor. Before that, I worked in translation, publishing and marketing.

Now, I guide people to embody their best lives with transformative, therapeutic musculoskeletal care and holistic executive business coaching grounded in yoga nidra bodywork.


"Receiving help from someone who helps you tune in to your inner guidance, and then offers practical steps for moving forward, is priceless." 

- Stacey Pickering, Holistic Wellness Practitioner


Bodies hurt and I am able to understand them so well now that I can help people feel better, physically in their bodies – as well as be more comfortable as entrepreneurs – through custom personalized bodywork and mindfulness sessions that produce real results. By phone.

Each session – personal care or executive coaching – begins with a discovery of individual concerns, welcoming all that emerges to co-create a tailored experience addressing real-time needs and making an empowering plan for you to succeed.

I've been running solo-businesses for over 18 years, first as a translator, community reporter and yoga instructor and later as a hands-on bodyworker in full time private practice. 

So let's have a conversation, what are you looking for? What do you wish for yourself?

How do you wish to feel?


Together, we can transform your Earthly experience –let's make you shine!

"I met with Olga for my first telemassage. How’s this going to work, I wondered. We’ve now met for seven phone sessions. Every time, I hang up I feel renewed, re-calibrated, cared-for, and recharged."

- Donna, Natural Dreamwork Practitioner


Find your grounding and anchor in your body wisdom

Develop a language with your body and subconsciousness

Alter brainwaves in minutes and gain pivot level insights


Racism manifests in the body; all bodies of all races. I stand in solidarity with those calling for justice and freedom and hold myself accountable to work boldly for our collective liberation. #blacklivesmatter I commit to engage in anti-racist bodywork, aiming to eradicate white body supremacy on all levels, from internal to social to systemic. Read more