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Ease Your Jaw

Presenting Olga Chwa's Guide to Jaw Love

     hank you for attending Olga Chwa's webinar, Ease Your Jaw and Your Mind.

I hope you are feeling a bit better already.

Let's review the key practices:

1. Ground and settle: notice the Earth beneath you and let gravity take some of your burden. Be here now and drop your bundle, let the tongue soften.

2. Gentle movements: shoulder shrugs and rotations, four directions of neck movements and the explorations of jaw range of motion: open/closed, like a drawer, side-to-side and exploring rotations and more organic movements. 


3. Self-massage: from the fan-shaped muscles above the ears, to the area from the temples down to the jaw joint notch to the mandibular angle, walking and massaging the fingers along the bony ridges.


4. Marma point energy work: gentle pressure of finger tips to the eyebrow center and then the temples. One finger above the lips, the other below - are just two.

5. Breathing practices: equal inhale and exhale and humming with exhale.

6. Subtle gesture: tongue at the back of the teeth/roof of the mouth.

7. Air mouthwash!

8. Yoga Nidra: conscious, deep relaxation practice. A sleep supplement and tool for regeneration and creating new habits and patterns. Download the recording from this event following links in your
Eventbrite followup emails or find thematic downloads in the shop.

Below are a few action steps to take, to continue cultivating the support you deserve at this point and ensure that you keep on feeling better.


Are you ready to receive custom, focused care for your jaw or other musculoskeletal concerns? Let's set something up! Click for Olga Chwa's calendar and chose your best time.

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