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The 3 Keys

To Feel Better at This Point in the Pandemic

     hank you for attending Olga Chwa's webinar, The 3 Keys to Feel Better at This Point in the Pandemic!

I hope you are feeling a bit better already.

Let's review the 3 keys:

1. Ground and orientate. Notice your feet or your seat. Acknowledge the ground beneath you, open your eyes and look around, really looking at the stuff. Be here now.

2. Yoga Nidra - conscious, deep relaxation practice. A sleep supplement and tool for regeneration, download the recording from this event following links in your Eventbrite followup emails or find thematic downloads in the shop.

3. Get Support. Choose a professional and I am available.

Below are a few action steps to take, to continue cultivating the support you deserve at this point and ensure that you keep on feeling better and better.


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Are you ready to receive a custom 1-on-1 audio bodywork session? Are looking for help with a specific jaw problem? Perhaps you'd like a custom yoga nidra. Let's set something up! (Click on the link to access Olga Chwa's calendar - just chose your best time.)

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Whether you have a friend in mind, who could use the personal support, or maybe you know of a group or organization that could use a presentation like the one you just attended; I'd love to hear from you! Please send me an email and let's connect.
All of your questions and communications are welcome.

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