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Therapists & Caregivers

A transformational experience for mature bodies and tired minds.

Reset and restore your whole self, in just 75 minutes, without even stepping out the door!

Caring for other people is taxing: on body, mind + spirit.

• Dealing with other people’s problems all day can be heavy;

• Helping others, your body gets stiff and tight, becoming tender and achy;

• Your mind feels full and you need a break from attending to others;

• Eye fatigue from the screens and tracking all the details leads to irritability, lack of focus, headaches, and lower productivity;

• Plus: the stress of balancing professional responsibilities with personal and family needs while trying to be consistent and deliberate with self-care is A LOT.

          The solution is support. 

And better yet: in community.

Drop in on this ongoing online class tailored to "not-a-yoga-body" caregivers and helping professionals with 75 minutes of slow and easy nervous system reset and gentle body care.


Right from your home or office.


This is NOT a class you’ll ever find at a gym or local yoga studio.


This authentically all-levels, nourishing and invitational self-care practice is especially loved by 

  • therapists

  • ministers

  • social workers &

  • caregivers

Folks 55+ and people with physical and health limitations are especially welcome. We've had participants into their 80s and others of all ages, with chronic mobility and auto-immune issues.

We honor and welcome the whole self: beginning and ending with intentional rest, weaving in breath exercises and light movements for maintaining the joints in various accessible and modified ways.

You'll learn:

  • gentle ways of invigorating your body

  • self-soothing techniques helpful for insomnia, anxiety, fatigue &

  • overall stress-management. 

Participants report:

  • feeling more energy after each class

  • a stronger connection to themselves and their needs

  • able to deal with the stress of work and family life

  • consistent, new habits within 1-2 months of regular practice

"Monday class with Olga Chwa is the perfect way to start the week.  She is a soothing guide and allows me to work out all the bugs and kinks from the weekend and start my week feeling loose and refreshed. Physically, the practice is very low-intensity, but it has a high impact on my mental health and emotional well-being.  If, like me, you have anxiety or feel out of sorts at times, you will definitely benefit from practicing.  I know I have!" 

- L.L., Medical Educator, Cleveland, Ohio 


As a seasoned, independent therapist myself, with over 20 years teaching experience, I know the weight – and the power – of holding space, juggling schedules, wrestling with marketing and dealing with feelings around finances, all while striving to show up as my best self in service to others.

I could not do it without a regular practice for both resting my mind and moving my body, sustainably.

Now, every Monday and Wednesday I share these beloved techniques with practitioners around the world, live on zoom. We meet 4:45-6:00pm EST on zoom, so we're done in time for dinner.

Consistency and ongoing attendance builds the best support and community – but I know that scheduling is a spiritual practice, so all are always welcome - twice a week or once in a while, for a reason or a seasonal theme like focus and clarity, abundance and success, or release and transformation.


Bring your blankets and cushions; get cozy.

Our true power - as a caregivers - is when our own batteries are recharged.


Your first class is free - my gift to you; just send Olga an email:


$25 drop-in / $88 -$167 per month thereafter

To receive the zoom link and weekly reminders, register below, via Eventbrite -or- by electronic payment.

Payment methods:

Venmo (phone ap) @olgachwa

Cashap (phone ap) $olgachwa

ApplePay (iPhone only) text payment to 216-534-5467

Paypal (phone/desktop) use email


Paper checks in the mail are welcome. Made out to Olga Chwa. Call or email for mailing address.

Thank you!