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Astroyoga Wednesdays

Seasonal and celestial movement and meditation

     hen the moon is full, energies run high and when Mercury is in retrograde, things can feel a bit off. The seasons of the zodiac and eclipses all play into personal and global events.

Reading about the astrology is one thing, incorporating it into body awarness through a gentle yoga practice can take personal care and personal growth to a new level.

Work out your edge, while gaining the astrological perspective for why things are going the way they are, so you can take them less seriously in this movement and nidra meditation class, adapted to all bodies.

Wednesday evenings, 60 minutes of invitational stretches, strengthening moves and an astrologically themed guided yoga nidra to ease body, mind and cosmic spirit. 

Keep your video off or on - up to you; listening is all you need to follow these practices and teachings.

Olga Chwa has been teaching yoga since 1999 and studying astrology since childhood. Discovering how these two arts meet and connect in the body has been an unfolding of embodied insight that she is excited to share in these classes.

This live zoom experience begins and ends with settling and deep relaxation, so prepare to make yourself comfortable. Bring your blankets and cushions, make a nest and get cozy. Please mute, check your sound levels and settle in.

The zoom room opens at 4:55 pm EST (1:55 pm PST, 21:55 BST).

Get comfortable. This is for you.


This class is pay as you go, by donation, suggested: $15 per week. Sessions are recorded but only for registered ticket holders. Eight week series including access to replay of all session is available for $108.

Olga Chwa on YouTube

Videos from many past classes are available. Please subscribe and share.

Would you like to receive a 1-on-1 audio bodywork session? Are looking for help with a specific jaw problem? Perhaps you'd like a custom yoga nidra. Let's set something up! (Click on the link to access Olga Chwa's calendar - just chose your best time.)

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Whether you have a question or some feedback, maybe a group or organization who could use the type of presentation and teaching that Olga Chwa offers?  I'd love to hear from you! Please send me an email - your communications are welcome.



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